Inland Container Depot Mombasa

Great Lakes Port

1. What is Great Lakes Port Limited (APM Terminals)?

Great Lakes Port Ltd (GLPL) is a licensed Container Freight Station (CFS) to store Containers under Bond from Kenya Ports Authority (KPA) as a dry port.

2. What are the goods handled at the CFS?

GLPL can accept Bonded containers for Home Market (Kenyan) and containers in Transit to neighboring countries. Motor Vehicles and Project Cargo are also handled at the CFS.

3. How do I ensure my cargo goes to Great Lakes Port Limited CFS?

The Bill of Lading bears the clause “Goods In Transit to Great Lakes Ports Ltd” and is presented by Importers Agent before vessel arrival in Mombasa.

4. Who controls the container on arrival at Mombasa?

GLPL is the ONLY CFS in Mombasa to control the movement of your containers from Vessel To CFS. As soon as your Import Agent lodges the Bill of Lading with GLPL, our GLPL Team at the Port ensures your container is transferred directly from Vessel to Rail Head, avoiding the congested Port Storage area, and coordinates the Rail move to GLPL with the GLPL Team at the CFS.

5. How long will it take to transfer containers from the port to GLPL.

GLPL is the only CFS in Mombasa to offer Secure Transfer of containers BY RAIL within two days, avoiding road congestion and truck queues at Port.

6. What benefits do our clients have by utilizing a CFS ?

No additional port fees, a 20ft Container on port for 15 days will incur $370 storage, CFS charge $325. GLPL Saves $45

7. What benefits do our clients have by utilizing GLPL?

The only CFS with Direct Rail link to Nairobi. Weighbridges delay road trucks delivering to Nairobi by 24hours at cost 1 Day`s additional Interest on Cargo not delivered. GLPL Saves $10

New Container Lifting Machines.

Unreliable CFS Machines delay delivery by 24 hours. 1 day`s additional Interest on Cargo not delivered, GLPL Saves $10

Onsite offices for KRA, KEBS, KEPHIS, Police & Equity Bank.

One Stop Shop, no Travelling for Agents. GLPL saves Agent`s time.

Computer Controlled Stacking Locations.

Man-Free Yard and System controlled Stack Location ensures cargo security and safety of personnel. A Life saved is priceless.